Seva Means Selfless Service

Who We Are

SevaTruck Richmond, established in 2021, is a dedicated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to combating hunger in the Richmond area. Our focus is on providing free, nutritious meals to those in need, contributing to the overall well-being of our community. We excel in collaboration, partnering with local farms, food banks, shelters, and other nonprofit organizations. 

We proudly source our food from local farmers and growers, who supply the majority of our fresh vegetables and produce. Meals are prepared locally by our dedicated volunteers at Hatch kitchen in Richmond. SevaTruck Richmond also manages the organization and delivery of meals to various nonprofits, ensuring that our impact reaches those who need it most.

Our Mission

Our mission at SevaTruck Richmond is to alleviate hunger in our community by providing free, nutritious meals to those in need. By working closely with local farms, food banks, shelters, nonprofit organizations, and utilizing our kitchen space at Hatch in Richmond, our Free Meal Service campaign aims to:

  1. Serve nutritionally-balanced meals, primarily sourced from local farmers and growers, to promote health and well-being among our beneficiaries.
  2. Collaborate with local area food banks, shelters, nonprofit organizations, and engage our dedicated volunteers at our kitchen in Richmond to expand our reach and impact.
  3. Foster a sense of unity, compassion, and responsibility in the Richmond community as we work together to address the challenges of poverty and hunger.

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Meet the Team

Justin & Emma Moyer


Sehaj Grewal Harpreet & Gultaj Grewal


Molly McMahon

Executive Director

Farm to Truck

At SevaTruck RVA, success is not measured by meal count alone but how we can all work together to make a greater impact.

Make a Donation

If you prefer to support us financially, your generosity is greatly appreciated. Your donations will be used for:

– Purchasing additional ingredients and supplies needed to prepare nutritious meals.

– Covering transportation costs for meal deliveries to ensure they reach those in need.

– Supporting our partnerships with local farms and growers, further strengthening our connection to the local community.

– Expanding our reach and impact by growing our programs and services to help more individuals in need.

Your financial support will enable us to continue our mission and create a lasting positive impact on the Richmond community.

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